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Tax-News.com: UK Should Keep A Closer Eye On Tax Breaks: NAO Report

The UK's National Audit Office has called for a more comprehensive review of the 1,190 tax relief measures available for taxpayers, which are estimated to have cost the UK revenues worth GBP155bn (USD201.7bn) in 2018-19.

Tax-News.com: European Parliament Seeks Aligned EU-UK Rules

Members of the European Parliament want the EU and UK to reach an ambitious new free trade agreement, but have stressed that there must be a "level playing field."

Tax-News.com: EU To Soon Launch Tax And Trade Talks With UK

The European Commission has taken the first step toward negotiating a new relationship with the UK by issuing a recommendation to the European Council that the talks should commence.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Confirms Status Quo With UK

Switzerland has said that the withdrawal of the UK from the EU on January 31 will not change the relationship between Switzerland and the UK in the near future.

Tax-News.com: EU Member States Slow To Implement VAT Quick Fixes

The European Commission has launched infringement proceedings against 14 member states for failing to implement the so-called value-added tax quick fixes.

Tax-News.com: Many EU States Tardy In Adopting Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives

On January 24, 2020, the European Commission issued formal notices to numerous European Union member states with regards to lapses in the implementation of various EU anti-tax avoidance directives.

Tax-News.com: German Businesses Call For 25pc Corporate Tax Rate

The Federal Association of German Industry, the BDI, has urged the German government to forge ahead with corporate tax reforms, warning that Germany's corporate tax regime is becoming increasingly out of step with the country's competitors.

Tax-News.com: France Confirms Digital Tax Delay

On January 22, 2020, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed that France will suspend collection of its digital services tax this year to prevent the United States from applying retaliatory tariffs on a range of French goods.

Tax-News.com: UK Steadfast On Digital Services Tax Plans

The UK Chancellor, Sajid Javid, has said the UK intends to push ahead with the introduction of a digital services tax from April 2020, despite warnings from the US that it would consider tariffs on UK-made goods.

Tax-News.com: Ireland Schedules Election For February 8

A general election will take place in Ireland on February 8, with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar saying that this date provides a window to ensure a new government is in place ahead of the next European Council meeting in March.

Tax-News.com: UK Reports On Adoption Of EU's DAC6 Tax Scheme Reporting Rules

On January 8, 2020, the UK Government released a policy paper setting out how the UK will temporarily adopt the "DAC 6" EU disclosure requirements on intermediaries that design or sell potentially harmful tax schemes.

Tax-News.com: BEPS Changes Effective For UK-Belgium Double Tax Deal

The UK Government on January 10, 2020, released the synthesized text of the 1987 Belgium-UK double tax agreement, as modified by the BEPS multilateral instrument.

Tax-News.com: UK Gov't To Pursue Brexit, Digital Services Tax After Election Win

The Conservative Party in the UK has won an outright majority in elections held on December 12, 2019.

Tax-News.com: HMRC Releases Final Guidance On Loan Charge Review

The UK tax agency HM Revenue and Customs has released guidance for taxpayers affected by the Loan Charge.

Tax-News.com: UK Labour Promises Corporate Tax Hikes, Second Brexit Referendum

The main UK opposition party Labour has set out its plans for tax reform, in a manifesto released on November 21.

Tax-News.com: UK Prime Minister Cancels Corporate Tax Cut

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that his party intends to cancel a planned cut to the corporate tax rate, which was scheduled for April 2020.

Tax-News.com: New Zealand Tops World Bank's 'Doing Business' 2020

New Zealand is the easiest place in the world to do business, according to the World Bank's new Doing Business 2020 report, which looks at the simplicity of setting up, operating, and paying taxes in 190 territories around the world.

Tax-News.com: UK Explains BEPS Changes To Luxembourg DTA

On November 5, 2019, the UK Government released the synthesized text of the Luxembourg-UK double tax agreement, as modified by the BEPS multilateral instrument.

Tax-News.com: Airbnb Says UK Tax Probe Could Result In Litigation

Airbnb has disclosed that it has been contacted by HM Revenue and Customs regarding the application of tax laws or regulations impacting the company's business, adding that some matters "may result in litigation".

Tax-News.com: Tax Agencies Meet To Discuss Use Of Big Data Analysis

Tax agencies from 31 countries discussed the ways they are using data analysis tools to improve tax enforcement and administration, at the first meeting of the IOTA Forum on Tax Debt Management, held in Prague, Czech Republic, On October 1-3, 2019.

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