Tax-News.com: Switzerland Announces COVID-19 Plan To Scrap Interest On Tax Arrears

The Swiss Government has announced that it will waive interest on late payments of tax, to allow companies to delay their tax payments.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Reports Bumper Tax Receipts For 2019

Higher tax receipts helped Switzerland to another surplus in 2019, with withholding tax and direct federal tax performing particularly well.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Confirms Status Quo With UK

Switzerland has said that the withdrawal of the UK from the EU on January 31 will not change the relationship between Switzerland and the UK in the near future.

Tax-News.com: France Confirms Digital Tax Delay

On January 22, 2020, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed that France will suspend collection of its digital services tax this year to prevent the United States from applying retaliatory tariffs on a range of French goods.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Urged To Reform WHT System

The advisory board tasked with reporting on the state of Switzerland's financial center has recommended that the country overhaul its withholding tax system to improve its capital market offering.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Simplifies Process For German WHT Refunds

The Swiss Government has said that from January 31, individuals and legal entitles domiciled in Germany will be able to use an online Swiss application to request a refund of Swiss withholding tax.

Tax-News.com: France And US Seek End To Digital Tax Dispute

According to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, France and the United States will in the next two weeks attempt to reach a compromise over their ongoing dispute regarding France's new digital services tax.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Overhaul Corporate Tax Rules On January 1

Switzerland is due to introduce its new corporate tax regime from the beginning of 2020.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland, Italy Agree Tax Deal Covering Campione d'Italia

Switzerland and Italy are to amend the customs status of the Italian enclave of Campione d'Italia.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Redrafts Double Tax Treaty Law

The Swiss Government has released new legislation governing Switzerland's application of provisions in its network of double tax agreements.

Tax-News.com: Liechtenstein, Switzerland Agree Administrative Cooperation On VAT

Liechtenstein and Switzerland have agreed a new cooperation pact in the area of value-added tax administration and enforcement.

Tax-News.com: Swiss Tax Disputes Resolved Quickly In 2018: Report

Switzerland has released a report on its efforts to resolve tax disputes, noting that the average time to complete mutual agreement procedure cases was 13 months in 2018, significantly below that required under the BEPS minimum standards.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Publishes New English-Language VAT Guide

The Swiss Federal Tax Authority has released new English-language guidance for foreign businesses on their obligations under Swiss VAT law.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland, Bahrain Sign DTA

On November 25, 2019, Switzerland and Bahrain signed a double tax agreement that caps maximum withholding tax rates and provides for the exchange of information.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Improve Tax Information Exchange Regime

Switzerland is to amend its domestic framework for the automatic exchange of information, in line with recommendations made by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland, EU To Link Emissions Trading Systems

Switzerland and the EU are to link their emissions trading systems from next year, after the Swiss Federal Council approved revisions to the country's Ordinance on the Reduction of CO2 Emissions.

Tax-News.com: Swiss Tax Transparency Changes Enter Into Force

The Swiss Government has published guidance on the legislation that brings into force the recommendations made by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

Tax-News.com: Swiss Gov't Approves Changes To Iran DTA

On October 23, the Swiss Federal Council adopted a dispatch on a protocol to the double tax agreement with Iran, which implements the minimum standards for such agreements.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Publishes VAT Guides For Sportspeople

On October 22, 2019, the Swiss Federal Finance Department uploaded a series of publications concerning the value-added tax rules for those participating in and organizing sporting events.

Tax-News.com: Costa Rica Clarifies Amendments To Non-Cooperative Tax List

Costa Rica's Ministry of Finance has released a statement clarifying its decision to exclude a number of territories with low effective income tax rates from its list of non-cooperative territories.

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