Tax-News.com: Cyprus Adds To Guidance On Calculation Of NIDs

The Cyprus Tax Department has released ten-year government bond yield rates for five new territories, to support businesses in calculating claims for Cyprus's Notional Interest Deduction. The rates are for Bermuda, Denmark, Jordan, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Draft New Customs Tax Act

On September 11, 2020, the Swiss Federal Council launched a consultation on proposals for the total revision of the customs system.

Tax-News.com: Russia's Cabinet Approves Maltese DTA Amendments

Russia's Government has approved wording for a draft Protocol that it will seek to conclude with Malta, to revise their double tax agreement to increase withholding tax rates at source for cross-border dividends and interest income.

Tax-News.com: Cyprus, Russia Agree Tax Hike On Cross-Border Dividends, Interest

Russia's Ministry of Finance has announced that it signed a Protocol to amend its double tax agreement with Cyprus on September 8, 2020.

Tax-News.com: France Extends COVID-19 Tax Deals For Cross-Border Workers

The French Ministry of Finance confirmed on August 31, 2020, that several tax agreements applying to cross-border workers during the COVID-19 crisis have been extended.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Add Anti-BEPS Provisions To Two Treaties

On August 26, 2020, the Swiss Federal Council ratified a new double taxation agreement with Bahrain and a Protocol to revise its DTA with Kuwait.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Prolongs Exemption For COVID-19 Essentials

The Swiss Government has confirmed it will extend a tax exemption for surface disinfectants in light of COVID-19.

Tax-News.com: US-Swiss Agreement Published On Mandatory Binding Arbitration

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the text of an arbitration agreement between the US and Switzerland, in Internal Revenue Bulletin 2020-35, published August 24.

Tax-News.com: Russia Turns Sights To Switzerland, Hong Kong Treaties

Russia's double tax agreements with Hong Kong and Switzerland are next on the radar for authorities in Russia, who are seeking to ensure the country can subject to at least 15 percent withholding tax outbound dividends and interest payments.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Eases VAT Refund Rules For Tourists

Effective August 1, 2020, Switzerland relaxed the rules for tourists seeking to export goods free from tax.

Tax-News.com: France Publishes List Of Territories Exempt From CbC Local Filing

On July 20, 2020, the French Government published in the Official Gazette a decree to expand the list of jurisdictions exempt from local filing reporting requirements under the country's country-by-country reporting regime.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Adds BEPS Provisions To Three Treaties

Switzerland has signed protocols to its double taxation agreements with Cyprus, Liechtenstein, and Malta to implement minimum standards developed as part of the OECD's BEPS project.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Relaxes Rules For Tourists' VAT Refunds

Switzerland's Federal Department of Finance is extending the time limit within which tourists can export goods purchased in the country tax free.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Unlikely To Need Tax Hikes In Response To COVID-19

The Swiss Government is anticipating a shortfall in tax receipts of over CHF5bn in 2020.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Introduce VAT Domestic Reverse Charge On Emissions Trading

Switzerland has proposed introducing the value-added tax reverse charge mechanism for domestic transactions in emission allowances.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Planning New VAT Rules For Mail Order Companies

The Swiss Federal Council has launched a consultation on the amendments to the VAT law, with a focus on the tax treatment of mail order businesses and the administrative burden on SMEs.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Rules Out Tax Changes For Blockchain Technology

The Swiss Finance Department has said that changes to tax law are not currently needed in response to developments in distributed ledger technology and blockchain.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland To Amend Tax E-Filing Obligations

The Swiss Federal Council intends to end the obligation to sign electronic tax returns and to introduce new e-filing requirements for certain documents.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Launches New Tax Burden Calculation Tool

The Swiss Federal Department of Finance has announced the launch of a new online tool for individuals taxpayers, which is being developed also for legal entities.

Tax-News.com: Switzerland Opens COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Scheme For Start-Ups

The Swiss Government has opened the application process for a loan guarantee scheme aimed at helping start-ups facing liquidity problems during the coronavirus outbreak.

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